Pario Max, Artist & Writer ©2017
Pario Max

Transcendence: Fine Art Takes Center Stage


The Stage Show | The Art


Pario's artwork will come to life on stage!


Pario's artwork is the visual journal of this transcendent story. Her images will be Integrated with vocals and choreography.


Following the performance, the audience will be invited to view the original artwork and meet the cast and crew!


Dates to be announced.


The Story | The Play


In the beginning she was a naive and trusting artist, until she realizes the illusions of her existence. With a controlling and abusive husband whose charms had long since disintegrated, she is left as someone she doesn't recognize; a shell living in isolation and fear.


The attorney she had been married to was more dangerous and powerful that she could have imagined. Her struggles to leave and divorce him with three small children prove to be the greatest challenge of her life. For him it is not about right or wrong, nor the fact that she is the mother of his children. It is about winning, power, control and punishment.


She is witness to the strength of his connections and deception as he persuades and manipulates the system and others. His associates and members of her own family fall under his deceptive guise, while she stands seemingly helpless in her presentation of facts with no resolve.


He despicably taunts and tortures her, being allowed to break the law, while she struggles to survive and find justice for her children and herself. Navigating through a corrupt judicial system and the chaos that has become her life, she faces her own self-doubt and inner conflict.


She inevitably questions herself, her integrity and perceptions against the existence of conspiracy and his unfounded protection. The more pressure he places on her, the more determined she becomes, drawing on her inner strength.


While his focus is leaving her without options and resources, he ultimately destroys his reputation with his criminal activities. Even so, individuals are still willing to risk their own credibility and livelihoods to protect him.


She can no longer count on justice through the judicial system. Transcending all obstacles, she turns to herself and the talents she possesses, writing and painting her story and destiny. Her faith, courage, resolve and talent


will set her free.

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Pario Max, Artist & Writer ©2017
Pario Max
Pario Max, Artist & Writer ©2017
Pario Max