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Pario Max

Date Night - Oil on Canvas

Duality Series


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Original Oil on Canvas:  Available | 18" x 24"


Limited Edition Canvas Print: 250 Run | 20 AP

Sizes:18" x 24" | 24" x 32"


Limited Edition Fine Art Print: 350 Run | 20 AP

Sizes:18" x 24" | 24" x 32"


Fine Art Greeting Card & Box Sets


Date Night:

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Each Limited Edition is signed, numbered and authenticated by the artist.


The dimensions listed for Canvas Prints are the actual size.


The dimensions listed for Fine Art Prints (fine art paper) are the image size. An additional 2" border is added around each side of the image for numbering and framing purposes.


Individual Fine Art Cards are printed on fine art paper, individually packaged with a pearlescent envelope.


Pario will donate 10% of profits to organizations that provide service and healing to those living with abuse in all its forms.




Duality Series


What do you see?


Is it an empty or full moment? A single glass of wine in an empty relationship or two lovers losing track of time?




A crowded room.

Silence resonates as my shield. Dishes rattle. Chatter echoes. Nothing to penetrate my absence in the moment. I am solitary as you talk over the words on my tongue.


I am in the car rushing past, transported away. I am leaving amongst the crowd of patrons, to vanish. I am only free in my thoughts. Trapped in this moment.


An uncrowded room.

My lover's hand over mine resting at home on his thigh. Transported through conversation. A minute is now the time of eternity. Delectable time. Time eluded. The staff beckons us to depart.


I take no heed to the cars rushing past nor patrons that have since exited. Leaving in embrace, my thoughts run free. Longing to remain trapped in this moment.


Date Night. ©2016 Pario Max All Rights Reserved




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Pario Max, Artist & Writer ©2017
Pario Max
Pario Max, Artist & Writer ©2017
Pario Max